Denver photographer KaSandra Mitchell’s best brand photography and headshots of 2019 for creatives and small businesses featured on The Humble Lion blog.

A gallery from a brand photoshoot for a brand and web design company, Brandt Creative Co, by photographer KaSandra Mitchell of The Humble Lion.

A brand photo gallery for local Denver artist Laura Nicole Studios styled, photographed, and edited by KaSandra Mitchell of The Humble Lion.

Woman is smiling while laughing and holding a camera. She is sitting down with her back against a tree and the setting sun is highlighting the side of her face and hair.

I’m going to assume that by reading this, you have most likely known me and followed my brand for a while. I can’t thank you enough for sticking around for the past three years. How do you like the new aesthetic?!?! If you’re new to THL and you’re investing your time into getting a little […]

First things first, I know there is a solid chance you don’t know what in the sam hell an “empowerment portrait session” is. It’s a little something I’ve coined for folks in my community who just want to celebrate where they are in life and exactly who they are right now by having professional photos […]