By this point, everyone in my life who has taken the time to talk to me in the last few months knows we are moving to Colorado in May. What most people don’t know, however, is that I’m actually having a very difficult time embracing this move.

I am three weeks to the day away from making my second move to a new continent, only this time it will be with my (soon-to-be) husband. While you may assume that I am in a complete state of euphoria and excitement, allow me to assure you that I’m actually caught up in a complete cyclone […]

My passion for traveling started at a very young age. From traveling to my dad’s every other weekend of my life, to family trips to the beach and/or mountains, to taking my first solo flight out west when I was 18, my appetite for new sites and experiences never ceases. My capability to travel, however, […]

“If you could give one single piece of life advice, what would it be?” This is a question I have been asking people from around the world for about ten months. I’ve gotten some real golden nuggets of wisdom and some good laughs out of it. I suppose the first bit of advice I would like […]

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Girl holds a passport up over her head. Her hear is in a topknot and there are mountains in the background.

I stepped onto my first solo flight to visit one of my best friends in Reno, Nevada when I was 18. Although I had been traveling around the country with my family nearly my entire life, this trip was different. I was going to spend five days in the west on a trip I had planned […]

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