I'm here for the daydreamers & go-getters. Let's create images with confidence, humility, & strategy.

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        I believe powerful imagery should be more attainable for more people. This is why I create stock that doesn't suck.



I believe with my whole being that confidence and humility are not mutually exclusive traits. I lead with both.

02 — I believe in creating valuable relationships so your experience during our time together is just as magical as the images we will make. 

I believe each business is as unique as the individuals running them. You deserve the effort it takes to create images that truly reflect your brand.


My Values

The Lion's Manifesto

That blog opened doors for me I could've never imagined. I never went truly viral; I've never had the urge to be social media famous. But I built an incredible, tight knit community from my little corner of the web. It remained my hobby for two years.

2016 was a wild ride I didn't much enjoy, but it led to a job opportunity in marketing on the Gold Coast in Australia in 2017. That gig taught me more than almost my entire five-year university experience combined. When my contract ended at the beginning of 2018, I wanted to try something new. I wanted to have the freedom to create my own lifestyle and schedule. So, I dove head first into freelance photography full-time. That little online community I built? Well, it turned into what you see today.

I needed a creative outlet after life got hard back in 2016. I'll spare you the details on the sad stuff. 2020 gave us all enough of that for a lifetime or two. But there was so much beauty, love, and adventure that came during that season. I was dealing with grief while riding a high from working abroad in England in 2015. I was working as a media intern and putting a camera to good use, traveling Europe on the weekends, and falling in love with my ginger-bearded better half.

Though I was sharing life's little highlights and getting praise online, I wanted to share the harsh realities I was also facing. And so, The Humble Lion blog was born. I could write as boldly as I pleased, and people seemed to appreciate my candor.

My Story

How I turned a hobbyist blog into a thriving photography business

and what I can do for You!

What I do

For me, there's no better feeling than seeing someone beaming with confidence after a shoot and creating a recognizable edge in their business. My clients walk away feeling fiercely proud of their work and themselves and pave the way for others to do the same.

Hire the humble lion

I get it. Being a one woman show is anything but easy. Odds are if you're giving this section much thought, you're a fellow creative either looking for help or doing market research. I've got you.

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"Every image makes me feel powerful, bold, and known. My website and social platforms are finally spaces that fully showcase the intricacies of my brand. And THAT feeling—the impossible joy of achieving authenticity has made me a forever client."

The Humble Lion


Iza Hehre

“From 2016-2018, I went through a series of health struggles that stripped me of a lot. I wanted nowhere near a camera. KaS was the first person to photograph me after I started getting my life back... and I cried when I saw the photos. I don’t know how she did it, but she truly captured everything I felt and more. She captured my strength, my fire, my feistiness, my power, my renaissance. I look at these photos, and after spending two years NOT seeing ‘me’, I see myself. In her best form ever. Thank you, KaS, for bringing her back out.”

The Humble Lion


Emily Duncan

"KaS helped me brand my blog through the photos she took of me. After looking at the pictures from our session, there were a few words that came to mind: real, approachable, and laughter. I ended up using those words to build my entire brand and blog. I cannot explain how grateful I am for KaS and her creativity, she truly is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever worked with. I recommend her to everyone and anyone!”

The Humble Lion


Laura Novotny

Word on the street

Before I dove head first into full-time freelance, I worked in public relations, marketing, and media. I interned at PR and advertising agencies and tourism departments. I lived and worked abroad twice in the wonderful world of international education—an industry I'm extremely passionate about.

I understand the importance of knowing your target market and creating content that attracts your ideal client, and I'm confident as hell I can help you reach them.

Kasandra Mitchell

I'm the ever-curious, rarely content, endlessly roaming photographer that captures true emotion with all its grit and beauty.

the woman behind the lens