It's more than an investment, it's your legacy.

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I'm not here to help you keep up with the times. I'm here to help you authentically tell your story, build brand recognition and trust, and feel pride in putting your work out there.

Successful entrepreneurs are as passionate about their work as most people are about their significant others. They see the end goal, and despite all the nerves and setbacks we all inevitably encounter, they persevere. While I will literally bend over backward for my clients, I need you to be prepared to share your wildest dreams and goals. I need you to know where you want your business to be in five years, who your ideal audience is, and who you are to your core. And don't worry, my onboarding process will cover all of this and more.

I'm here for the business owners who know what they want & how to ask for it.

Ya feel me?

Need some photos to sprinkle all over that sexy new website? Or maybe you need a little refresh to up the ante on social media and your email marketing? I gotchu.

Personal Branding

I'm in. Let's do this.


You know we live in a world where your visual storefront is everything. Your content can make or break your business. Better make it good, pal.

Let's talk details.

Hey, sometimes you just need some quick content and you're either lacking time or a budget. My stock and mock-ups were created just for you.

Show me the shop.

Stock &

How I can help YOU!

At the end of the day, this is a creative process that should be fun. We can blast music, have a drink or a mini dance party, whatever ya want. This is your day.

Let loose

If I'm going to capture who you are, you have to let me see who you are. I pride myself on my approachability and making folx comfortable.


Be prepared to get

In order to create strong imagery for you, I need to know you like we're old friends. We will have a meeting to make sure we're a good fit, followed by a detailed brand questionnaire and pre-shoot planning call.

Thorough Discovery

from your session with Me.

what to expect

“I’ve always loved KaSandra’s moody style, and her presets do NOT disappoint. I used them on my desktop in Adobe Photoshop with my RAW camera files, and I love how little editing they needed once the presets were applied. The presets truly captured the moody vibe I love so much about KaS’ style. I would highly recommend these presets!”

THL Presets


Abby O'Bryan

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