It's more than an investment,
it's your legacy.

Brand Photography services

You don't need someone to help you keep up with the times. You need someone who will help tell your story authentically, build brand recognition and trust, and feel pride in putting your work out there.

Here's how I can help. 

Successful entrepreneurs are as passionate about their work as most people are about their significant others. They see the end goal, and despite all the nerves and setbacks we all inevitably encounter, they persevere. While I will literally bend over backward for my clients, I need you to be prepared to share your wildest dreams and goals. I need you to know where you want your business to be in five years, who your ideal audience is, and who you are to your core. And don't worry, my onboarding process will cover all of this and more.

I'm here for the business owners who know what they want & how to ask for it.

  • Create original content that will humble even the fiercest of competitors.
  • Remind you who you are, and who you want to be. 
  • Capture your strength, and celebrate your grace.

You’re the leader of a brilliant, badass brand. You’ve dedicated your life to something you believe in. You live boldly and you need photos that cut through the noise. You don’t just want to capture your brand in a way that matches the caliber of your work, you want to feel seen, and genuinely supported. I'm here to:

Starting at $1,800

Personal Branding

  • Showcase your products, offers, and process.
  • Create unique content with your target market in mind.
  • Make you proud to show off your goodies. 
  • And, of course, make you look badass.

You're running a business In an increasingly digital world. You understand that strong imagery has the power to set you apart and sell your products fast. You're looking for a creative partner to learn about your brand and fully lean in with a lion's heart and hunger. I've got you. I'm here to:

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  • Take the creative reigns and plan a dope shoot.
  • Create strong, scroll-stopping images that sell.
  • Help you build brand recognition and loyalty, and maybe even a small cult following.
  • Make your competitors envious as hell.

You need images that will make you money. You're no fool. You know what it takes to bring in the big bucks and you're willing to invest in the people who can help you do it. I'm here to:

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At the end of the day, this is a creative process that should be fun. We can blast music, have a drink or a mini dance party, whatever ya want. This is your day.

Let loose

If I'm going to capture who you are, you have to let me see who you are. I pride myself on my approachability and making folx comfortable.


Be prepared to get

In order to create strong imagery for you, I need to know you like we're old friends. We will have a meeting to make sure we're a good fit, followed by a detailed brand questionnaire and pre-production planning call.

Creative Direction

from your session with Me.

what to expect

[Cured Nutrition] has been working with KaS for a little over a year, and let me tell you, her knowledge for the brand vision has become so crisp. Her ability to take our ideas and produce visual representations is incredible and our most recent rebrand work with her truly took us to a new level! Working with KaS has been an absolute pleasure and I know you will say the same."

"For anyone that is just beginning to build a brand or taking an existing one to the next level - look no further!

Joseph Sheehey

Investing in my own business with photography was a bit scary at first, but after the first consultation, my fears were quickly put to rest. She helped guide me on location, what to wear, and a shot list, so I was confident going into our shoot. During the shoot she made me feel comfortable and confident and I am in LOVE with the final product. Now I have professional, on-brand photography to take my business and brand to the next level. Thanks, KaS!"

"Working with kas was a dream!

Tatum Brandt

"At first I thought The Humble Lion’s [brand] name was her own persona. And it very well could be. I believe she is. But after looking through my own gallery, I am under the impression that this ‘namesake’ is actually her description of what she draws out from behind her camera.

It’s a pretty dope superpower, KaS."

chanel Collette



Jackie Nunnally


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