Black Friday Special: 25% Discount on Empowerment Portrait Sessions by KaSandra Mitchell

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First things first, I know there is a solid chance you don’t know what in the sam hell an “empowerment portrait session” is. It’s a little something I’ve coined for folks in my community who just want to celebrate where they are in life and exactly who they are right now by having professional photos taken of them just for the heck of it.

This idea came to me after I started my Fierce Friday project — a very short series of interview questions that challenge women to embrace their strengths and share what creates the most humility in their lives. During the last year of offering these portrait sessions, I’ve experienced great success with the badass babes who have decided to invest in them. I’m happy to say no one has felt awkward! Well, at least not by the end. There is always a grace period, in the beginning, to shake off the nerves! It includes laughing, loud music, dancing off the discomfort of a lens being pointed at you, and maybe even a little shot of your favorite liquor (for those of age!!) to let loose.

So, take a look at some photos of my gal pals who celebrated themselves this year below, and then see the bottom of this post for FAQs about this special and where/when it is valid.

The Deal

I typically offer these sessions for $200 (which is a pretty good deal considering it’s 50% of my typical couple’s portrait sessions, and 1/3 the starting price of my branding photography collections). They are my passion project and the most rewarding thing I offer.

So, I’m offering a 25% discount on these portrait sessions alone, meaning 1-2 hours of you or someone you love feeling like a complete babe and/or badass in front of the camera, because everyone deserves to have photos of themselves that make them feel stunning and empowered, instead of repeatedly seeing unflattering photos your grandmother and aunties love to show off on Facebook all the time that leaves you feeling like a troll. I get it.

Who is this for?

This special is for you, dear reader, or anyone in your life you feel deserves it most. While it has been overwhelmingly successful with women, please note that this offer is for women, men, and non-binary friends alike.

Here’s the thing, we all get stuck in our own heads, and whether you’re in a season where you feel like the baddest mofo that has ever graced this planet with your presence, or you’re in a season where having a decent hair day or a “win” at work or in your personal life is as rare as Christmas itself, everyone could stand the rush of seeing themselves in a way they find beautiful.

This doesn’t need to be celebratory of anything other than the fact that you exist, and you want to remember this phase of life for better or worse, in the best light possible.

And again, maybe this session isn’t for you, but we all know and love someone who could benefit from it greatly. So instead of scrambling about and finding a subpar gift that they may not actually like or appreciate that will end up clogging our oceans, choking some turtles, and wasting your money, why not give the gift of confidence?

How long is this offer valid?

This offer is valid for purchase between Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2018 at midnight. Once the session has been purchased, you or your loved one will have until December 1st, 2019 to book the shoot.

What locations can I choose from?

As a traveling photographer, I split most of my time between my residence in Colorado and my home state, Kentucky (and beyond, for anyone interested in booking elsewhere).

For my Kentuckians (and surrounding state dwellers…Hoosiers & Tennesseans, I’m looking at you), I will be back in Kentucky visiting family at least 4 times in 2019, so booking our shoot in that region won’t be a problem at all.

*Please note that if traveling over 200 miles from Denver, CO or Bowling Green, KY for a shoot, travel rates will apply.

How do I book?

Fill out my contact form HERE. At the bottom of the form in the message box, be sure to tell me the following:

  • You are booking an *Empowerment Portrait Session* at the Black Friday discount price
  • Whether the session is a gift to yourself or someone you love
  • Where you anticipate the location of our shoot being

Once I receive your message, I will then send you a confirmation email within 48 hours with instructions for payment and booking dates.

I can’t wait to chat with you and learn how I can best serve you or your loved one a spoonful of confidence and joy!

All my love,
The Humble Lion


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