Image of a woman leaning over a desk to open her laptop.
Image of a woman leaning over a desk to open her laptop.

Brandt Creative Co – Brand Photography

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Brandt Creative Co is a brand and web design team dedicated to helping fitness and wellness professionals craft the online presence of their dreams. It was created by the lovely Tatum Brandt, one of the most driven women I know and a dear friend of mine.

About This Shoot

This series of images feels like such a “glow up” from our first round of brand photos in late 2019. That gallery took the Internet by storm throughout 2020, and Tatum decided she wanted to take things even further heading into 2021.

Her business managed to thrive through all of the challenges of 2020 because of the well-established online presence she spent years building. Her team continued landing epic new clients in the physical fitness and mental health realm.

With that momentum, Tatum was determined to create a new spin on BCC to help her stand out from other design teams even more. She wanted to back off of trendy color palettes while remaining true to her signature red and black colors. We also wanted to create more of an editorial look this go around to portray a bolder aesthetic.

After going through several options for locations, we rented out a loft in downtown Savannah with plenty of natural light for this brand photoshoot. Its interior design complimented the brand and made everything easy to style. The daylight hours made for some great images, but once the sun went down, we were able to get really creative with an external flash.

As the night went on, we got more and more playful with the images and props with pops of red Tatum had gathered while prepping for the shoot.

We both enjoy portraying the “messy creative” life as it is a much more honest depiction of how both of us roll. And after playing around with a few intentionally blurred images outside during blue hour, we knew we’d want to create more with the external flash to give some of her editorial images a more vintage look.

All images you see with a focus on a computer, iPad, or iPhone screen were created to be used as mock-ups to send to her clients or to use on social media and in her email marketing to feature new work or additions to her online shop, Built by Brandt.

The Budweiser crushed cans and pours at the end were a genuine tribute to Tatum’s (healthy) love of beer.

BCC’s Brand Photoshoot

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Take a look through Brandt Creative Co’s 2020 brand images and let me know what you think!

If you enjoyed looking through this gallery and would like to inquire about personal brand or commercial photography, contact me here.

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