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Shae Davis is one of my OG personal branding photography clients. She’s an absolute DELIGHT and has the purest energy.


First of all, she’s Megan Fox’s taller dopplegänger. She blushes when I say that but I need everyone to back me up here. We all know it’s true.

Shae is a personal trainer with a huge passion for inspiring others to live their healthiest lives without giving up their favorite cookies.

After her own journey to losing 60+ pounds and figuring out how to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the course of about three years, she decided to dedicate her career to helping others on a similar path. She became a certified personal trainer and dove head first into the world of health and fitness coaching.


This gallery was is from our second shoot at Realm in Denver. (Realm is my favorite place to shoot. The space is incredible and flooded with natural light. The owners and staff are SO friendly and welcoming and have cultivated a community most creatives dream of.)

Realm not only offers natural light that will make any photographer start panting on the spot, but they also have a soft color palette that compliments Shae’s soft pinks and neutral tones perfectly.

Before our first shoot, I helped Shae with her brand photos as well as her brand messaging strategy. I worked closely with her brand designer (Tatum Brandt, hi, I love you) and we were able to create a great flow with her color palette and overall online presence.


Shae is a content queen. She shows up consistently for her followers on Instagram, so she needed plenty of portraits. She keeps her website updated and clean, so we always include plenty of horizontal crops perfect for stretching across any desktop. And lastly, we always include shots that will be beneficial to add to any PDFs, eBooks, email newsletters, or blog post tutorials she may write in the future.

*You’ll also find a few images of her hubs, Jerry. He is just as lovely as she is, so I kept his sweet face in here! If you bring your partner to a shoot with you, I’d be happy to snag a couple of images of them, too.


If you’re looking for a new personal branding photographer and enjoyed this gallery, I’d love to set up a time to chat to see if I’m the right fit for you. Contact me here.

Perhaps you’re another photographer doing a little market research. I feel you! Welcome! I do take on a couple of mentor clients a month. If you’d like to set up a one-on-one hour-long mentor call, feel free to contact me and we can go over a few topics of your choice. These topics could include your own personal branding, how to reach your ideal clients, pricing, composition, lighting, marketing, etc.

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