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You know how sometimes it feels like the universe just hand delivers you great friends? Yep, well, that’s Tatum Brandt for me.

We went to the same university, interned at the same agency, had a mutual client or two, but we didn’t meet until the time was just right! Now she’s one of my favorite creative pals and a great sounding board.

We were first introduced by our adorable mutual client, Sarah Bridgeman. If you take a look around Sarah’s website, you’ll see a lot of my photos and Tatum’s awesome web and brand design.

After chatting back and forth to see how we could collaborate, Tatum sent me some of her clients who needed help with their brand photos and messaging. Then she ended up flying me out to Savannah, Georgia to take her brand updated photos!

Her [kickass] brand and web design business caters to fitness and wellness entrepreneurs looking for branding and web design. Her audience consists of mainly millennial females but is definitely bold enough for the dudes, too. Her images were created with her personality, quirks, honesty, and grit in mind.

Also, whenever you see photos with empty screens (computer, phone, iPad) remember these were created to be used as mockups for her design clients. It’s a MUST for any designer looking to do a brand photoshoot.

Check out Brant Creative Co here.

Diggin’ the background paper we used in this shoot? Buy it here.

Again, if you loved the background paper color used in this post, you can order it here.

If you’re diggin’ what you see and want to chat about how we can work together, go on and reach out here. I’m looking forward to it!

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