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Ready to check out some of my most recent brand photography? Let’s do this.

2019 — What. A. Year!

By the end of this month, I will be celebrating the fact that I’ve been freelancing full time for two full years. I honestly didn’t know if I could make it happen, but here we are!

In that time, I’ve been hired in five different countries to photograph events, portraits, weddings, and brands. My 15-year-old self would be freaking out. (Psh, we all know my current 27-year-old self is freaking out!)

Now, it hasn’t been all puppies and rainbows. It’s an emotional roller coaster to say the least, but I’m strapped in and just keep riding.

While I love photographing lifestyle, travel, couples, weddings, etc., I feel like I’m really hitting my stride with brand photography. Working with small businesses is incredibly rewarding. Seeing people light up when they talk about their crafts and how they serve others is an absolute delight.

It has allowed me to flex my old public relations and marketing muscles while reveling in my own little creative journey, and I get really tickled knowing this is just the beginning. 

Scroll on down to check out a few of my favorite pieces of work from some of my brand clients’ galleries this year, and feel free to check out their links to see how they utilize their brand photos and headshots.

Brandt Creative Co.

These photos were taken in Savannah, GA for Tatum Brandt — one of my favorite web and graphic designers to work with.

Loving this background paper color? Buy it here.

Laura Nicole Studio

This native Denver artist has quickly become one of my favorites. Have a look below at her fresh brand photos, and then hop over to her website to check out some of her work.

Shaelyn Rae

This beauty traveled all the way to Denver from Arkansas to work with me, and neither of us could be happier about it. If you’re interested in easy-to-digest fitness and beauty info, she’s your gal.

Endless Adventure

Working with creative and designer Travis Silverman has been such a gift. Happy to now call him a friend.

Susan Jordan Co.

I’m not sure there is anything more humbling or encouraging than when a fellow photographer and branding expert asks you to take her brand photos. Enter, my friend Susan Jordan of Susan Jordan Co. and Love-Hunters.

Coldwell Banker Realtors Lesli Mitchell and Stacey Fergerson

Friends and coworkers at Coldwell Banker in Bowling Green, KY decided to update their brand photos together. If you’re looking for property in south-central Kentucky, these are your people.

Wooden Writes

This was a quick session with my old friend and amazing copy writer, Skylar Wooden.

Abby O’Bryan

SUCH a strong shoot with my amazing barre instructing, integrative health coaching friend, Abby.

Coach Austin Current

If you know, you know. This is my husband and favorite person to photograph. And for some reason, these are the only photos I could snag quickly. But take a look at his content and you’ll see most of his photos over the past four years have been taken by yours truly.

Cured Nutrition

And last, but certainly not least, here is a peep of some of my favorite work I’ve created for Cured over the past nine months. I’m looking forward to more to come. 

Like what you see? Get in touch and we can schedule an appointment to talk about your next shoot!

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  1. Aunt Laney says:

    Love your photos. You did great with the food and meds-I’ve heard that it’s a difficult field of photography and few can get it right.

  2. Peggy Combs Cartwright says:

    There seems to be absolutely “nothing” you can’t do! Your photography is gorgeous and I see you going even higher!! We back in Kentucky are very proud of you and wish you all the best!

  3. Jason Clayton says:

    If you only knew how proud we are of you. For most it’s only a pipe dream however you’ve not only finished the pipeline but constructed the refinery too! Your brother and me are some of your biggest fans and always brag and name drop anytime we can. Keep reaching for the stars and soon you’ll have them all franchised!!!


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