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During the nine years I got to experience my Grandmother Bobbie on this earth, she flooded me with cards and notes full of love, encouragement, and a bit of enlightenment. About two weeks before I left for Australia, my stepmom plopped an old card down in front of me on the kitchen table. I recognized the fluid cursive writing on the front instantly.

Each one of us has been given the gift of life in order to explore and discover that which really matters.

She started her note off with this:

Dear Kass,
You are are what really matters to me. I want you to have the best education available. And, in doing so, I want you to explore and discover that which really matters…

Now, I may not have attended Harvard or Yale, and I may not speak four languages or slay at the Olympics, but I am exponentially grateful for my education and the many opportunities I obtained through my university. I’ve been exploring and discovering for six years now. I am certain that this would have not only made my grandmother proud, but it would have also brought her great joy.

What are the odds that this would turn up right before I take a huge trip, and at such an odd time of life? If you read my recent post, My Quarter-Life Crisis — A Case of the In Betweenies, you know that I’ve had a weird few months mentally and emotionally. Nothing too extreme, but definitely questioning all that ever has been and all that can and will be. Such is life.

I don’t believe in coincidences. There are just some instances that are too powerful to happen by accident. You can take that as you want, but I know that this note was meant to show up in my life at a time when I needed it (and you know I’m now packing it around the world). This was just a sweet little thoughtful note from a grandmother just wanting her granddaughter to know she loves her.

The joy and encouragement this gave me is why the written word is my favorite gift to give and receive.

I hope that the words I’ve shared with you from this card can at least provoke you to think about what really matters in this life. Is it the new car you’ve been killing yourself working overtime to afford? Is it looking like a balla’ at the bar when you’re out with your crew or looking like you have your bizz together at 25 (L O L that doesn’t exist)? Is it your sexy partner, your less than genuine friends, or the unbelievable amount of stress that you carry on your shoulders for absolutely no damn reason? Or maybe, just maybe, you really do have a deep appreciation for the beautiful gift of life you have been given. Maybe you are exploring your life and world as often and as fully as possible in hopes of discovering that which really matters.

As of now, the things that I can say with absolute certainty that really matter to me are the people I am blessed to share this life with, the beautiful land that we were all meant to experience, and the Spirit that guides me from one crazy phase to the next.

Every single day is a gift (some days are handed to you like a paper bag with a pile of dog poo inside, but it’s a gift nonetheless and usually provides a good laugh later on). Use your days, your gift of life, wisely and with intention. And if you don’t want to use your day for something good, you can at least be grateful for it.

With love,
The Humble Lion



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  1. Kelly says:

    You are such a joy!!! I thank God everyday that he brought you into our lives 😉 Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. Every entry only leads me to believe there are angels guiding your way….

  3. Every entry only leads me to believe there are angels guiding your way….


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