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Creative entrepreneurship can be overwhelming, expensive, and honestly even a little bit lonely at times. I understand the relentless pursuit of chasing your dreams and the toll it can take on you emotionally and financially. This shop was built for the small business owners and side-hustlers looking for a little leg up in their pursuits. From stock photos and mock-ups to digital guides and presets, I gotchu. If you want more help from there, I'd love for you to reach out to discuss options for 1:1 mentoring.

Take your business to the next level with fresh visuals, modern mock-ups, and digital tools I use for THL.


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Emotive imagery on demand, because your brand should never be boring. Whether you're looking for well-executed stock photos to fill in space on your website and social media, or mock-ups to show off client work or mood boards, I've got something for you. 

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Having professionally branded photos is one of the best ways to elevate your brand and create consistency across all your digital platforms. The key to a successful photoshoot (aside from just being yourself and having a bomb ass photographer!) is to plan ahead. I've teamed up with Brandt Creative Co. to make sure you feel prepared and confident when you walk into yours.

Personal Brand Photoshoot Guide


My Personal Brand Photography Questionnaire is my secret weapon and strongest tool (besides my camera, of course). I send it to every single client when we start working together to get to know them on an intimate level. If you're a photographer and want to form better professional relationships, improve your communication, and create strategic images truly unique to each client, this is for you.

Personal Brand Photography Questionnaire


Digital Guide Library

1:1 Mentoring is our personalized session where you are the only student. It’s catered to exactly what you want to learn and where you are at with your photography — no holds barred.

Happy Customers

Sam & Rachel

"We are obsessed! These are the images we have been scouring the internet for! As web designers, the most important part in our creative process is curating images that are on brand. KaSandra is filling a huge gap in the stock photography industry with a style that you just won't find anywhere else. This is a game changer for our business!"

Owners/Designers of Northfolk

Teai Marie

“KaS really outdid herself with her brand questionnaire. It is by far the most thorough questionnaire I have ever come across. Not only did I complete it for myself and learn more about my business and brand — my clients have said how helpful it was to narrow their focus and really understand what they want out of their brand overall. The in-depth questions also help me understand my clients on a deeper level. In turn, this helps me take the exact photos they want! Thank you, KaSandra.”

Owner of Teai Marie Photography

more proud clients

Iza Hehre, Brandt Creative Co, Emily Duncan, Laura Novotny, Physique Development, Miss Unconventional, Laura Nicole Studio, & More...

After years of requests for my presets, I've rolled out the four I use every single day for desktop and mobile. Ready to level up your images in post? Let's do this.

My Signature Lightroom Presets are available in Color and B&W.

For the first time ever...

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Frequently Asked Questions

While I own the copyrights to each image and mock-up offered in all of my collections, you will have the rights to use these images with standard royalty free licensing for advertising and promotional projects (think social media, email marketing, PDFs, etc.). If you'd like to purchase ADDITIONAL licensing for products for resale (think templates, apps, greeting cards, posters, etc.) you'll need to contact me directly to discuss a custom, contractually bound agreement.

The Personal Brand Photography Questionnaire was created for fellow brand photographers who want to improve their client communication and create stronger final galleries. The Personal Brand Photoshoot Guide was created for individuals and small business owners who may not know what to look for when shopping around for the best personal branding photographer, or what to prepare for mentally and physically before each shoot.

YES! This questionnaire was created with ease of use in mind. It is delivered as a professionally-designed, interactive PDF for you to download and send directly to your clients without my branding slapped all over it. If you have a client management system you prefer to use for your questionnaires, just copy and paste each question into your software. Too easy!

Yep, they sure are! I want to be very honest about the fact that I edit 99% of my photos on my desktop Lightroom Classic. Every single preset photo example I provide has been shot with a professional grade camera in RAW format.

These presets were created for professional use, but after seeing how many of my online marketing pals and photo enthusiasts were requesting them for Lightroom Mobile, I decided to add those in, too. Detailed instructions are included in each purchase.

Client communication & relationships, marketing, camera settings, framing, systems, editing, starting over in a new city, and the list goes on. If you're interested and want to know more, just contact me and we can chat more about your needs before you decide to invest.

I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK. My pals over at Northfolk are the creative geniuses behind my website. Not only do they create (what I consider to be) the best website templates and add-ons on the market, but they are also launching some incredibly useful courses for small business owners who want to focus more on what they do and less on building an audience. They're all about building sustainable, evergreen businesses and I am here. for. it.

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