THL Signature Lightroom Mobile Presets

4 LR Mobile presets - 3 in color, 1 in B&W

THL presets produce subtle, warm, earthy hues. They create soft whites and highlights, work well in all different lighting scenarios, stay true to skin tones, and thrive with lots of contrast. 

Whats Included

Files compatible for Lightroom mobile

Instructions for easy importing

Style Description

Colorful Nostalgia


The Daily

BW Nostalgia

You will receive detailed instructions on how to install your presets on mobile with your files after you make your purchase. 

How do I install the presets?

After you have purchased the presets, you will be emailed an order overview with a link to download your purchased presets. You will also receive an invoice that will include the link to access your files. Sometimes these emails can go to spam, so be sure to check there. If you run into any issues trying to access your files, please contact me immediately via email or my contact page.

How will I receive the presets?

When you purchase these presets, you only have licensing for one single user, however I understand that photographers often work from their phone and iPad, so you can upload them to two personal devices. 

How many devices can I install the presets on?

Yes! Although I highly recommend using them on RAW files to get the best outcome. You can use apps on your phone to shoot RAW images, or you can sync RAW files from your camera into your Lightroom Mobile app. If you don't have the ability to shoot in RAW format, have no fear. I use these frequently on images created directly from my iPhone and they always pan out.

Do the presets work on JPEG and RAW Files?

Here are some common questions my clients have

Need a few more deets?

“I’ve always loved KaSandra’s moody style, and her presets do NOT disappoint. I used them on my desktop in Adobe Photoshop with my RAW camera files, and I love how little editing they needed once the presets were applied. The presets truly captured the moody vibe I love so much about KaS’ style. I would highly recommend these presets!”

THL Presets


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