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I’ve never understood the incessant need for “power”. It isn’t my personality. The only things I wish to gain power over are my mind and emotions, and I realize that with time and practice, I have the power to do so. Other than that, I do not crave “power”. I do, however, believe in the empowerment of those around us.

You see, we all have an immense amount of power within us. It is innate. Sometimes it is full of light and positivity and it is used for good, but it is all too often used negatively and brings out the darkest in ourselves and those around us. Imagine how good this world could be if we used our own power to see the light in others, and then hand them a mirror to help them see it, too.

No one ever got to where they are without the help of others. No one. Even the brightest minds and strongest individuals have been supported in one way or another, despite the amount of struggles they have also overcome on their own. So when you see someone with a light that should/could be shining a little brighter, why not be the one to empower them to radiate?

When your friend lands a killer opportunity across the world, don’t let your jealousy get the best of you, point out a few reasons why they deserve it and be one of their biggest cheerleaders along the way. If your best friend is self-conscious about a certain aspect of themselves, don’t use it as a fault you can capitalize on to make yourself feel better about your own struggles, help them see the beauty in themselves and their actions. Encourage them. Empower them. Let them know that the world is better for having them in it and then watch them light it on fire; and don’t ever think about smothering that fire, because that won’t keep anyone warm in the dead of the night.

Empowering others doesn’t mean you have to lessen yourself or dim your own light. If anything, it brightens up another individual that will likely shed their light on you, too.

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