The Traveler's Collection

This 45-image collection is perfect for the modern, bold, digital nomad and features photos created in five different countries. It includes licensing to use for online marketing purposes and print collateral. It's ideal for warm-toned, moody brands.


45 hi-res JPEG images

Once purchased, you can access your files and start putting your stock images to use. These are made for travel bloggers, designers, copy writers, and more! For more info on licensing, see details below.

Whats Included

Licensing for personal use included

Professionally curated gallery

How to Use

All files are available in .jpg format and vary in size. They're big enough to print a PDF in high quality and stretch across a desktop. You'll honestly probably want to condense them when using them on your website to keep it nice and speedy!

How big are the file sizes?

Nope! However, I'll take all of the public praise and word-of-mouth references I can get. I'm a one-woman-show, after all. I'm sure you know how far one little tag or comment can go for a creative small business. All I ask (read: require) is that you don't ever claim to have taken these images yourself. We will not be "cool" later in life if you do that. I'm a Cancer. The grudges are real.

Do I need to Credit you when I use these images?

That's an abso-friggin-lutely not, dawg. You legally may not under any circumstances share these images with anyone outside of your business or organization. It's call theft, hunny. Look it up.


You will have the rights to use these images with standard royalty free licensing for advertising and promotional projects (think social media, email marketing, PDFs, etc.). If you'd like to purchase ADDITIONAL licensing for products for resale (think templates, apps, greeting cards, posters, etc.) you may contact me directly to discuss commercial licensing options.

How Can I use these Files?

Here are some common questions I've been asked

Need a few more deets?

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