Whether you're a well-established product based business or an up-and-coming, edgy entrepreneur, I'm confident I have what it takes to help you stand out. Your brand is a direct reflection of how your audience feels when they come across your work, so we better make sure you're leaving the right impression. Now, go on and peep through my site and then let's make some magic.

& I'm serving the creative community with stock images and custom commissions. It's my mission to help set you apart from an endless sea of cheesy poses and cookie-cutter photos. Your brand should never be boring and I'm here to make sure we're doing it justice. If you've found yourself frustrated because you just can't seem to find a photographer who truly gets you, I've got you. 

I create images
for bold and modern brands
that turn audiences into paying clients

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REad MOre 

the creator and visual storyteller behind THL. I'm a Kentucky and Colorado based brand photographer, writer, and full-time daydreamer. There isn't a corner of this earth I don't want to explore, or a group of people I wouldn't like to learn more about. I’m a Kentuckian through and through, but you’ll likely see my work from different corners of the world. I like to keep people on their toes. This old soul of mine has  a huge heart for empowering others and seeking new ways to be kinder to our planet.

Hey, love. 

I'm KaSandra —